Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review : Shiseido Maquillage Crystalizing Lip Compact #34

I’d done writing this review since loooong ago but I just posted it on my blog…..NOW. I apologize for my laziness, yeah, I wish I can ride it off soon! *pray aloud*
I got this lipstick from my auntie. My grandma brought auntie and her sister this cute compact lipstick from HK. Since she’s not interested in makeup especially in lipstick, she gave this to me. Oh, and I was like “WOW!” to receive it. Love love love how it looks! You’ll soon, know why.


Two-colored mirror. One is pink. You can see your reflection in it. Really cute! The other is blurred mirror, which is a little bit pale-pink colored, with a little bit blue undertone. See no reflection there.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Two Things I HAVE TO Live Without

It’s been a while since my last post, rite? I’ve been longing for years to start blogging! Have made another page that I dedicate for my makeup stuffs and reviews. Finally! You will envy me, darling, you will. *evil laugh*
Nope, I was just kidding, (which is not funny at ALL.) Okay, back to blog about my personal life. You can check on the rest of this makeup topic by clicking on this blue-underlined-word. And to continue what I’ve started, here’s me telling you guys about how’s life been treating me these few weeks.
Exams are all done. Gotta join the remedial test for TWO subjects I hate the most :


Well, these guys had never treated me well since the year 10 of my school life began. They just suck—no, it was not the teacher! It is absolutely the lesson itself. I don’t understand a single thing about trigonometry, or about scarcity and elasticity of an economical curve! Who cares, eh? I don’t wanna be a mathematic expert nor an accounting! One of those numbers I wrote on my forever-hate-list is that my country, Indonesia, is kinda like……forcing all the kids here to learn on stuffs they’re really not into. Say, like me, that I’m not about to be an accounting or an artist, but I really have to learn art and economy theories also it appliques. The same thing also happens on every kid in this country. We’re…..forced to learn on every subjects, no matter we like them or not, no matter we’re into it or not! Well, isn’t it useless? So many times I’ve been day-dreaming to live in America or Singapore, which is nearer. They really focus on the children’s talents and their interests. Never force on any single person. Isn’t that what we need, my fellas from all over this country? Sure that we will be a better generation that we’re focusing on our own specialty. Don’t you agree? *big smile*

*clear throat* ehm. statement above is trueeeee.

No doubt that I’m a pure sanguine, dolls. See? I easily got upset about stuffs that happened around. So sorry for being my heart-to-heart talking partner, but I really do appreciate if you keep on reading to this part. Come, gonna give you a warm hug! *hug*

And that’s how life has been treating me these days. How about yours? You can post a comment about your day, or just to complain about something that really bothers your mind. I’ll be a good listener, so trust me :D