Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm So Jelly Giveaway

I’m entering another giveaway! This giveaway is held by I’m so Jelly, a cute gyaru from Canada! Oh I totally love her style and her blog….IT’S JUST SUPAAA AWSUM! \ ^o^ /

Here’s the link to the giveaway, or you can simply click the picture there on my left sidebar. Just click on the picture and tadaaaa you’re now brought to her site. She’s amazing, you should really check her blog her out. Oh, don’t miss her giveaway too. She’s giving away a lot of things I’m  still far away from buying eh! >.< I wish I could win!!

Okay angels, bye for now, I'm preparing myself to go to bed because tomorrow morning I'm gonna attend a technical meeting for the next two days race. It's marketing rally game, wish I will win okay! Ciao, XX! Nice dreams, all.

Closet Voyage's Giveaway

I’m entering another giveaway! This giveaway is held by and which are going to give away 2 pairs of lens for 2 lucky winners! So it can be you and me!

Join it now, just simply click the link here, or click the picture on my sidebar! It’s 2 days left to enter this giveaway. Don’t miss it!

Monday, April 16, 2012



This is my very first award, thanks to Ningrum! *bow* Her blog is awsum, almost every of her posts are started with an illustration of the product she’s going to talk about below. The illustrations are madly cute; I wonder what did she use to draw them? How much hours did she spend to draw so perfectly? Well the last stupid illustration I made was the buttons on the left bar, and I ended up sitting 3 hours straight for 3 days drawing each of them using mouse -_____-
She’s a friendly person too! She dropped some comments on my posts; well she really made me started to appreciate my own hard work. I had always thought my posts were too long and boring, even I myself rarely wanted to re-read what I just wrote before finally posting them LOL. Thank thank thank you, Ningrum! *kiss*

Most trophies got a lot of things to do with them. Let’s see what I have to do right now! Here are the rules :
1. Thank the people who have you the award with their blog link on your post.
2. Answer the following 4 questions.
3. Award the blogger appreciation award as many readers/commenters/followers as you’d like.
4. Let the blogger know you’ve just awarded them (by leaving a comment/email/tweet/etc).

Questions I have to answer :

1.       How long have you been blogging?
Wait, this one is a hard question. I started blogging when I was 12 which mean I was still a sixth grader back there. What’s the link? I forgot. Then I made another blog again when I was in eighth grade, which was about my life and things happened, here. Why once again it’s abandoned? Well I forgot the username and password too. Luckily I happened to find it so I can mention it here. You can easily tell it was a stupid blog. Blah. This blog is a beauty blog, which was influenced by so many beauty bloggers out there. I have been blogging about beauty and stuffs here for around 7 months, with very minimal posting. Heh heh. I posted a lot lately since I understood how fun is it to blog!

2.       What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
I love sharing. I tell my stories like to everyone even I say it was a secret at first LOL. I want people to experience good things I once did. I am a very talkative person; I love to make friends with others. Otherwise, I love makeup. I want to get closer and make friends with people who are interested in same things with me.

3.       What types of blog do you like to follow/read?
Beauty blog, of course! Then followed by cute, pastel, girly blog. I love cute things, cute animations and cute page arrangement! I just can’t hold myself from following such a blog. I also follow some photography blogs which I think is amazing. The last blog I will follow is fashion blog.

4.       What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
A CONSTANT AND WEEKLY UPDATE. Geez I am bad lazy person! I am too lazy to write reviews, because I write a lot for each review. It’s a hard things to be such a talkative person, eh…  And oh, if I can add one more thing I want to improve, I’d say it’s the template. I want to make a template by my own. My templates will be 100% pure from my very own design and animation and illustration etc. Wish me luck to work on this project so I can finish it soon!


Soooo, I pass this award to my angels, who are… *drum rolls*

And oh, here’s a bonus self pikku of me! Please do not vomit LOL. Soon I’ll do a lens review. Stay tuned, angels! Ciao! Xx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

FOTD : Baby Eyed

Sorry for not posting for quite a long time…I’d been back doing school stuff again, and they really kept me busy all day! Glad that I’ll enjoy another days for holiday because the twelfth graders are going to have national exams until this Thursday. Yay all the way! Viva holiday!

So that I am now using Blackberry, I’ve been busy setting up my new phone too. My friends keep chatting me day and night, too bad we’ve always got good topic to start the chat so there’s like an endless chat lol. Bye to shopping for a while too, but I seem getting worse at camwhoring. All day camwhoring? That’s a new hobby of mine! The Blackberry’s camera is way better than my former Nokia’s, so the new hobby, camwhoring, becomes way more irresistible.
So when my Indonesian teacher asked my class to make an advertising banner as an assignment, I was totally happy to hear that! The first thing that popped in my mind was :


LOL at least one of my camwhoring photos are going to be used in good way *wink*
I chose to advertise contact lens. My eyes are quite big so I thought I could take a nice picture of them lolololol. Long story short, I put on some makeup here and there and voila, here’s the result! FYI I wore NO FALSE EYELASHES atm, the falsies shown was from Photoshop brushes, thank to my superb Photoshop skill.
This photo is also my first FOTD, hope you guys like it! Yes I am a newbie, I only put mascara, eyeliners bb cream, loose powders, and lipgloss on. I didn’t any eyeshadows because I wanted to achieve an innocent baby look. Well, I failed the concept myself though…………………………..
Sorry for the bad makeup, I’m still a newbie and SURE need more practice! >.<

Hadalabo SHA Lotion (as toner)
Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream
Marcks Loose Powder - Crème
Etude Lovely Cookie Blusher #02
Dollywink Liquid Black Eyeliner
Dollywink Volume Mascara
Visions White Eye Kohl
Sebamed Lip Balm
Shiseido Maquillage Lip Compact #34
NYX Megashine Lipgloss – Beige

Thank God I look superbly cute there. At least in my own opinion LOL. I love how big my eyes are, thanks to the contact lens and the self-eye-enlarging control that I’m sure everyone has the ability and the control too lololol……… WTF am I talking about? -___- Yeah I’m sure you understand what I mean, don’t you?
Ha Ha. *bad poker face*

What do you think about this first FOTD? It’s simple but still cute, a type of my daily makeup when I don’t want to go with heavy makeup or I’m in a rush. I would say this is a natural makeup, but I think it’s way too natural I don’t even put any eyeshadows on LOL.
Drop your comment below, lemme know what do you think about me and my makeup! I need your advices and critics though, so just write them down because I’d love to hear from you guys! Help me to get better by giving me advices, kay? Ciao and XX!


Why am I saying goodbye?

Yep, I used a totally dramatic title here. I am just soooo excited! My mom bought me a new smartphone, it was Blackberry! *jump jump* Actually I have nothing to get excited about, it’s just another common smartphone. It was Blackberry 9780 or mostly known as Onyx II. But I was expecting this phone for a long time! My mom wouldn’t buy me a Blackberry at first instead of buying me Nokia E72, because she thought the most popular app Blackberry had, their Messenger, would make me chatting all day with my friends and abandon my school stuffs.  She was totally wrong. Having a Blackberry Messenger or not, I would still be a lazy person. ~( *w*  ~  )  (  ~ *o* )~ ~( *w*  ~  )  (  ~ *o* )~
(LOL I hope she will never know about this post. )

Back to the story, yes I admit it I’d become such a helpless lazy person.  I was helplessly lazy and not serious in doing school stuffs. But in the second semester which is still going on until today, I realized I have to change this bad habit. I have to be more serious, I have to be more diligent. Gee. I tried so hard to learn and earn good score in every subject. And I did! I nailed them all. Thank God! And as an appreciate, or we may say it’s a form of present/gift/whatsoever it was….She chose to buy me a Blackberry. She said I was doing great in this second semester of my tenth grade; I got no bad score at all. I’d nailed all the subjects and I gotta keep on the track (WTF new idiom? Lol).  I was thankful, relieved etc etc. I couldn’t say such a thing. And oh, this smartphone will also be my birthday present which is still 2 months to go \(       ^.^ )/

She was superbly kind! It was like, ehm, I was ashamed to reveal it here but:

I have always changed my phone every year.

It seemed like it has become such a habit for me. Such a bad habit, I mean it. I always wanted something new, something in trend. That cost me a lot, of course but I would do anything to get new phone. But this time, I promise I will stick with this phone a little longer. Perhaps 2 year and more? Because this is the first phone I got from my own hard works. Even though I also bought my SE K770i using my very own cash, but I feel like this Blackberry is a gift for me. I feel appreciated and loved, for serious. No, I’m not being so melancholy or overacting etc. I just feel it so true.

Every hard work we do will surely cost us a price and we gotta pay it. But there’s a gift, a present behind all the process we’ve been through. A gift we’ll never know until we receive them, a gift from heaven, a piece of heaven that is given for us for what we’ve done. A gift that we can never use currency to know its value. And my gift? Was a common smartphone, in white, and come with 5mpx camera. I do not care how much did it value, all I know was this is a piece of heaven that was given for me by my mom.

A love from God and her.  
An appreciated feeling, a loved feeling.

It’s enough for me to feel thankful and shed a tear today.

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone. Hope you guys find your own piece of heaven in this special day, cause I just did! Sorry for such a lame, boring and melancholy post even though I am a sanguine, a pure one, and for posting this in a beauty blog. I just want to share about my feeling.
Thanks for reading, and GBU all! XOXO

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kawaii Naomi's Giveaway

I found another blog that holds a giveaway. I hope I can win all giveaways I've entered & joined! #awwYEAH
This time, it's from Naomi. Another sweetheart with cute and sweet blog, Kawaii Naomi. She has just been set free from a hacker's site possession, thank God she made it *exhale* Her blog is awesome and she's really a nice girl. I love the way she writes, always is honest and lovely!
Her giveaway contains of sooo many samples from many brands! Geez I'm a sample freak, actually LOL I love free things! Well, who doesn't?

Now take a look at her giveaway banner :

I'm so excited to join this giveaway. I hope you guys would join it too, because she's giving away a lot of greaaaaat things. Who knows if we win or not? Just to have some fun and make a friend with each other! Yeah, isn't it what we actually are looking from blogwalking and joining events like this? *wink*

You can simply click here, and follow the instructions given to join this giveaway. It's very easy! Share here and there, and there you are waiting for the winner announcement. The giveaway ends on April 15th 2012 and the winner will be announced on April 20th 2012. Too bad I lose +1 point because of my personal facebook account had reached maximum numbers of friends and likes that could be made, so I couldn't like her page. \(;__;    )/ But luck does matter. Yeah, I believe in that! *motivates self* the giveaway ends on April 15th 2012 and the winner will be announced on April 20th 2012.

Bye for now, and let's join this guh-reeeeat giveaway.
Take care and XX! ;)

Preview : Hadalabo SHA Lotion and AHA/BHA Facial Wash

I am a person that is easily seduced by what people are saying and raving about. Geez. When I heard about a superb product from a Japan brand, Hadalabo, I quickly asked my grandma (who was about to go to Singapore) to buy me some of them!  She finally brought me some; they were Hadalabo SHA Lotion (Moist) and Hadalabo AHA/BHA Facial Wash. Here’s the sneak peek, as usual :D

 What they claims. 1 product every 4 seconds is SUPAA AWSAAAM \( * . *    )/

 There’s a security seal between the cap opening and the bottles. Safety reason, eh! Love!

I was very impatient to try them by my own self! Is it as good as how people said it is? Would it work on my super sensitive face? After this preview, I will soon write a review for each of them after 2 months using them. Hope they would help me provide a better skin eh, since my today’s skin condition is like this. #pleasedonotvomitWTF

Sorry for the disturbing picture WTF my skin always looks decent and shiny and bright and soo healthy, thanks to bb cream and my Photoshop skill /(0____0  )\ But I really wish I can achieve the real bright and decent also healthy skin after wearing this product. Sooooo wish me luck and wait for the review kaay.

Bye for now! Gotta wake the sleepy pig up who is still sleeping next to me, Ira. I had a sleep over at her house and it was totally fun. I planned to go home today, too bad (-__-    ;; )
Okay, no time to waste. I gotta go. Ciao.
*slap sound*
*angry voice*

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cominica's Cawaii ありがとう Giveaway!

Hello angels \(^o^)/
I joined another giveaway this time! It’s from, and that sweetheart puts too many cute things for this giveaway. The theme is ‘cawaii’ giveaway, and I can’t disagree anymore. I badly wanted those ribbons for my own!!!!!!

She’s totally sweet too; she puts the items she loves so the winner can also have a great product on her version and hopes the winner likes it too. Awwww I want it too. #marukmodeON

I think you have nothing to lose by joining this giveaway. All items she’s giving away are way too cute and irresistible! It’s open for international readers too, so don’t worry for you gals who live overseas. Here’s the link. Follow some easy steps and there you are, already joined this giveaway.

I hope you will win too if I won’t. Well of course I wish I’m the winner la LOL but yeaaaa, I just wanna share some love! I hope we all can win those cute things for each of us! *gone mad*