Saturday, March 30, 2013

Haul : (Late) March!

The last haul post was done my last month, and okaaaaay I will do another haul post today, plus a video included also here! Have you girls been missing me? Also in this month, I have finished (finally!) some products on my own. Phew, finally I can finish some, eh? Wait for them in my next post, now let’s focus back to what I’ve hauled lately!

So first, let’s start this out with Korean products! All my Korean products haul for this month are face products, and two out of three of them are skincare. Finally I realized how important it is sunblock for our skin! And ahem, all of them are from Holika Holika. Gee, I think I am their fan now after trying out all these products!

Holika Holika UV Magic Shield Daily Sun SPF 32/PA++
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream SPF 20/PA++
Holika Holika Water March Moisture Full Cream (Pore Care)

I promise you girls the reviews are coming up very soon! The teaser here, I’m telling you that I’m loving each of them very much~

Next up, are Western products!

Burt’s Bees Holiday Gift Set
Jordana Matte Lipstick in Pink Passion
Jordana Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Red
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 01
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 14
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Pinkerbell
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Coraline
LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
LORAC Single Eye Shadow in Serenity
Coastal Scents Liquid Liner in Jet

So, I’m getting this pack for me and Mom! Mom has been loving Burt’s Bees lip balm ever since I bought her one to replace her HG L’Ocittane Stick Lip Balm.She’s loving it as well, as one cheaper alternative! Getting 4 lip balms is too much—but who can resist the cute lip balm holder there? I ended up letting the other 2 on my blog sale, ahem, to prevent Mom’s anger (LOL I’d been told not to buy the set but I insist!)

Matte lipsticks are what I’m very keen right now! After the ones from Jordana which I have reviewed here, I *ahem* have been influenced by Joveeta very much to buy these Rimmel x Kate Moss lipsticks. And still, another one is on their way home tho! The Wet n Wild lipsticks also have that matte, creamy finish so I bought the most raved and most “rare-to-find” colors too. Glad I got them, phew!

LORAC is the new love! I’ve been wanted to find another eye primer to replace the not-working-on-me UDPP, so I grab the one from LORAC. Aaaaaand still, wait for my review eh? I’m telling you it’s much much much better than UDPP!
And for the liquid liner? It’s from Coastal Scents, I, ahem bought it as a replacement to my Dollywink Liquid Liner—I was quite in such a tight budget LOL *get slapped*

Moving to another products!

Beauty World Star Model Lash 01
Beauty World NEO Max Volume Lower Lashes
Loujene Duo Criss-Cross Lashes
Maybelline Fit! Me Liquid Foundation in 120
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hours Foundation in 103 True Ivory
LORAC Pro Palette

Aaaaaand that’s all for now! Actually I had already received them all since the second week of March—but what the heck I was facing mid-tests back there! It’s okay laaaa, I have received the items for my, ahem, next month’s haul post since now on so well, yeah, let’s wait for it shall we? And while on the waiting for my next post—let’s see about what I think of those new babies!

Wait for my reviews girls, I’m now working so hard on them. Ciao for now, gotta back writing~

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review : EOS Jewelry Lens in Blue

 Have you girls been missing me? Or ahem, any of you missing my circle lens review? Worry no more, because today I will be posting one!

EOS is another Korean brand for cosmetic and circle lenses. I’ve heard the hypes about this lens for its comfort and colors. Been wanted to buy this from long time ago, but I just got confused which one to buy because all the patterns and colors were so beautiful! Having Dreamie Chuppa as my sponsor here, the owner kindly sent me one blue colored EOS lens in Jewelry series. They said girls love jewelry, don’t they?

Product Info
Brand : EOS
Type : Jewelry
Color : Blue
Water content : 48%
Diameter : 14.8 mm
Base Curve : 8.8
Duration : 1 year (disposable)

Just like the other Korean brand lens, EOS lenses also come in vials instead. Sometimes I had really a bad time opening the vials, because the aluminum part usually gets my fingers hurt. Ouch! Luckily the aluminum in these vials is attached pretty strong to the plastic cap which makes this easier to be opened.

This Jewelry series comes in prescription, and surely makes me phew and sigh myself out of reliefs. I got my lenses in my prescription of course, which is -3,50 for both my eyes.

Comfort : ♥♥♥♥
Been testing out wearing this lens in different places and occasions along with different conditions. I found out this lens is super comfortable both when it’s first put on and when it’s worn up after. It’s neither blurry nor making me dizzy. I wore this lens on air-conditioned room and no drying feelings on my eyes overall! This lens starts to make my eyes dry after, ahem, 8 hours of wearing without any drops of refresher. I think that’s a normal thing since people usually take off their lenses after 8 hours max. Definitely much more comfortable than my any Geo lenses. Super recommended!

lens inside in

lens inside out

Color : ♥♥♥♥♥
Since this lens is a colored one, the color payoff and its opaque is what I’m after. Of all blue lenses I have ever tried, this lens has the best color payoff as what it’s seen on real life and once applied. The color shows up really well, even better in places with good lighting. The blue color is still seen in some low-lights indoor room, though it’s a little bit muted down and looked like a dark blue color.

Design : ♥♥♥♥♥
The pattern is beautiful, a blue colored lens with black and some clear strokes which just look like spikes. It’s not a rare pattern but well it’s not very common either! I know some lenses with diamond pattern—okay is diamond considered as jewelry—but this lens is sooooo jewelry, like what it’s named after. Once worn, your eyes will look so bright and shiny just like a jewel. I believe that’s something to do with the strokes.
It’s not shiny and sparkling as much as how Vivian Lens Pineapple will bring you. This EOS lens has that pretty, elegant, yet still playful shiny and sparkling effect on eyes.
duh, sorry for the uneven lid!

Enlargement :  ♥♥♥♥
This lens has 14.8 in diameter as it claims in the product information. It has black outer ring which has a normal thickness IMO. The black color is very subtle, so it will still be seen once the lens is put on. This outer ring surely helps enlarging your eyes, but honestly the enlargement given is just around 15 mm, maybe?


Last Words?
Jewelry is every girl’s first love, don’t they say so? I believe in the statement after trying out this lens! It’s super comfortable, has good color payoff yet unique, pretty design! Nothing so far can beat my love towards this lens, and guess what my friends also rave about it as saying it’s super pretty and, ahem, ordered one in the same type and color too! Don’t forget to bring your contact refresher too even it’s super comfortable you can forget to drop them on LOL~

I got mine from Dreamie Chuppa, this lens is sold for IDR 115,000. A super great deal, eh? It’s only around err $12 and it’s an AUTHENTIC items! I bought some lenses from them and all proven authentic and they has the best price ever *lol* Even is basing here in Indonesia, I believe they do worldwide shipping too! Yay for Dreamie!


So, are you going to try out this lens? Are you leaving, or loving it? Why? Share the loves, thoughts, and raves below. See you next time, in a very short time. XOXO!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review : Mini Bebe Hand Cream in #1 Pink [SPONSORED]

Earlier in January, ahem I soon realized how important it was and it is to use such creams like hand creams and or etc. My fingers’ skin is getting flaky, and that was when Mirielle Beaute offered me this hand cream to be tried. Really, Miri? You could read my mind and situation here? *contemplating*

Cute Packaging
It’s Skin is a happening Korean brand right now, being known for its cuteness on the packaging. And yes, the packaging is very cute and irresistible. The base color is a medium pink, plus there is a cream with “cute face smiling in full satisfaction smelling its hand” (?) which just took me seconds before saying yes to this product!

You can take a look at the description at the back side of this tube. Nothing I can say about it—all is written in Hangeul! Here’s the description and promotional picture I got from sites, by the way :

Convenient Plastic Tube!
Talking about the packaging, Mini Bebe Hand Cream comes in tube packaging which I totally love. The tube itself is made of plastic which is more convenient and safe than in thin metal tube like TCFS’ Angel’s Hand Cream. Very hygienic, yet you can control the amount of the product you want to use. The cap is tight and also made of plastic too, quite thick plastic.

Beforehand, this product is sealed with clear plastic all over its body. The tube’s mouth opening is also sealed with thin aluminum foil as shown in this picture, making sure this product inside is not affected. Great idea for the double seals!

the first all-over tube plastic seal

Every tube of this product has 30 ml in it. You can bring this in your pouch, because the size is super travel-friendly and doesn’t need much space!

It’s a Sakura Blossom Scent!
The product inside is a white and soft cream. It’s easily absorbed into your skin without leaving sticky or greasy feeling. I used only an amount of pea-sized and it’s enough for both of my palms! Right after the application you will feel a softer and smoother skin of your palms.

after application

It spreads easily and the scent is very relaxing! The pink variant has cherry blossom scent, which is neither too powerful nor overwhelming. The scent is soft but still as sweet, I love it max! I barely love sweet scents but this one just got my heart, hmmm ~\(‾‾ᴥ‾‾)/~♥
Quick tips here, you better wash your hand before using this cream for a better absorption.

So-So Moisturizing Effect?
This product provides moisture to my skin for around 2-3 hours. Best if you reapply this product in every 3 or 4 hours for a better moisturizing action. Fyi my skin is normal to dry, but more on the normal side. As for you with drier skin may not get enough moisturize effect like what you would get from TCFS’ Angel’sHand Cream (it got shea butter so surely it provided better moisture), but this one is as useful yet cute and handy for travelling.

For the price IDR 45,000 I personally think this cream is so cheap on its kind! It’s very cute, very amazing and the size just fits any small pouch. There are also another options you can get in Mirielle Beaute, this Mini Bebe Hand Cream in 3 available scents and the Mini Bebe Hand Foam.


Last Words?
Looking for a cheap but great hand cream? You should go for this hand cream. The size and the packaging is two things I wanna keep babbling about, it’s simply too cute not to be taken. Though the moisture provided is not as much as how TCFS Angel’s Hand Cream does, this one is still a must have for me because I prefer plastic tube over tin tube.

So, would you give it a try? I’m telling you I will be buying another tube of this hand cream—one for my dresser, one for my school makeup pouch. This is too cute!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review : NYX Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick [SPONSORED]

 Matte is the new love! After my Jordana babies, I would like to experience some more matte stuffs. Like if she knew I hadn't got enough of matte lip products, the pretty Lady from Mirielle Beaute sent me this lipstick, NYX Matte Lipstick, in a unique and super pretty color. Let's take a look at the product first, shall we?

Sleek and Simple
This lipstick comes in a black, matte doff plastic tube with white NYX logo printed on it. Sleek and simple design has always been NYX's signature! 

The cap is tight, but overall the container is not very sturdy and “that” bulletproof (LOL!) as it's made of a thin plastic. Somehow I think the Round Lipstick's container is sturdier than this one due to the thickness of the plastic they used to make the container. Even so, the container doesn’t feel so flimsy at all, no worries!

At the middle of the container there's a clear part of the tube, showing off the real product's color inside. A great idea NYX!

Non-Scented Fragrance?
This product is cruelty free, yay for that! As reading the ingredients list, I found out they listed fragrance in it. This may bother some people, but seriously I smell nothing? Yet my lips don’t react negatively as they usually do if they find out something irritating. It has 4.2 g or 0.15oz in netto weight in every product. 

Ms. Brightside
I got this lipstick in MLS 05 Indie Flick, described as a bright coral-red on NYX's website.
Testing this product out for the first time, I really was super impressed of the color payoff it gives on the back of my hand! Only one swipe needed to achieve a true, opaque color payoff with a super great pigmentation given. Due to the amazing color payoff, of course the coverage is supaaa good! People with darker lips will love this, telling you! 

The color is true to what you see in the tube. The color is soooooo bright, blah I have no courage to wear it but damn it’s sooooo pretty! This kind of color, a bright coral with touch of red usually has that brightening effect both to your complexion and your teeth! 

True Soul-Matte!
As this lipstick is matte lipstick, so the finish is matte, true matte. There's no sheen at all, which I love! The color popped up beautifully in such a matte finish. This lipstick also is not drying and still as creamy but in just a right formula, it would glides pretty smooth on lips too. The staying power is awesome I should say, 4 hours and more without eating yet no feathering at all. Even after having your meal, this lipstick will stain your lips with the color which is also easy to be removed with any remover.

It's more into a coral, strong orange-red based coral color. In photos and from some distance it surely looks more into orange than it is to coral-red, but come closer and it's a true coral, red color.

sorry for messy application! ;A;

Do Exfoliate!
One minor down side is, this lipstick somehow settles into fine lines. You better exfoliate your lips first too, before start applying this lipstick for its gliding smoother and more invisible fine lines. Although it does settle into them, this lipstick is not drying which I super love!

Retro Geek 101! <3
NYX Matte Lipstick comes in 22 available shades to choose, from violet to a toffee nude brown. Retailing for IDR 70,000 at Mirielle Beaute, this one is quite cheap for such a gorgeous matte lipstick. You know what; I cannot wait to grab another shade! All of them look so gorgeous, like, how can I choose and have only one of them? (`` ~‾‾ᴥ‾‾)~


Last Words?
A matte lipstick lover? You don’t want to miss this one, I’m warning you! The color payoff is awesome, not drying but more into the creamier side, this lipstick will rock your face with the pretty available shades. Do exfoliates before application and do not forget to take off the color using a lip remover because sometimes it stains well! For IDR 70,000 or $6, I’d say I will definitely grab more shades. Is anyone with me?