Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review : Tony Moly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream

After my love-hate relationship I was forced to have with hand creams, now I’m started to love it more to see that it really works to protect and moisture my palm’s skin. Another cute-but-great hand cream that wins my heart is this, a peach-scented, peach-like jar hand cream from Tony Moly which I got back there in the April’s package from bntNews!

So Cute, So True!
The jar is super cute, it’s a nice peach-like jar with a twist turn cap. The opening of this jar is right on the middle of this jar. It has a nice gradation color of a nice warm peachy pink to pale yellow, starting from the top and down to the middle of the cap. Size is quite big, think of the size of a….what, tennis ball? Every product has 30g in it, sure quite a lot right?

You can find (which I believe…) a description plus the ingredients list on the bottom of this jar. Yep, as many Korean products always come with, this product also has ONLY descriptions in Hangeul. And this is the description I got from internet :

is a nourishing and moisturizing hand cream enriched with peach and apricot extracts, as well as adenosine, a potent anti-wrinkle ingredient, for softer, smoother and whiter hands.
Hands feel comfortably soft immediately upon application, while regular use improves skin elasticity and gives hands a youthful look. Keep hand cream within reach to constantly moisturize hands. An anti-aging hand cream contains vitamin C, peach.

Notice after you’re taking off the cap, there is another white, plastic separator in between the cap and the product. Hygienic and quality issues, and Tony Moly always does the good job in it. 

Yummy Scent Alert!
The product is basically a white, with a bit of soft pink tint in it. It has a really delicious, yummy, and sweet peach scent. Hmm! The scent isn’t too overwhelming, it’s very nice and calmful.

Texture wise, the cream has medium thickness but very easy to spread, yet it feels very lightweight on skin. It leaves no sticky feeling behind and no greasiness as well. The scent lasts quite a long time, around 2 to 3 hours without washing hand on me. Quite a staying power it has!

Real Hydration
As the description of this product said, this cream really gives me the smoother and softer hands. It really moisturizes your skin, yet the hydration doesn’t only sit just for a few hours but I can still my palms’ are soft and smooth even after one day passed! I don’t reapply, tho!! For the anti-aging and the whiter skin promised, I don’t think I can see if my palms’ are whiter. Yet for the anti-aging property it has, so far I only noticed the fine lines on my palms are more blurred with regular and continuous use, not really lessened.

Cheap but Great!
Nothing to complain about this product, regardless of its not-really-travel-friendly size, it makes really a good hand cream there. The price is delighting as well, varying around IDR 50,000 to 110,000. Of course, online shops offer a great price and deal on this product! However, I believe this product is much, much cheaper in Korea than it’s being sold on eBay which I believe it costs around the same price as official counter’s price.


Last Words?
Hydrating, making your palms sure softer and smoother, as well as giving a super nice and delighting scent to your nose, this hand cream is a total keep! It may be a little not too convenient to bring it along with the cutest jar on earth on a trip, but it really makes a good home decoration—at least adding some juicy feeling to your vanity. A little goes a long way, and for a 30 gram product this product is a steal!

So, I’m here thanking bntNews again and Joy along with all the crews for providing me this amazing product! Don’t forget girls, to visit bntNews’ site as they always update the latest information, trends, and hypes there in Korea. Calling all those K-Pop addicts!

And oh, there are not only their web you can visit to update your Korean side, there are always social media account you can happen to follow and subscribe as well :

Website : bntnews.co.uk
Facebook : bntNews UK

That’s all for now girls, so tell me what you think about this product and maybe another recommendation of hand creams, cause I’m now craving more! X

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Haul : Tony Moly x bntNews May Package!

When the finals and jobs are done, it means….blogging time! Sorry for my absence lately girls, I was very, very busy. Phew. I am now still busy preparing my birthday party and (ahem,) losing weight, but yeah I’m quite glad I can make at least few posts today.

To start with, I am here having my haul, and it’s a Tony Moly haul from bntNews again! For this May package, I had received it during my finals like a week ago but I just got the chance to blog about them just now, so sorry girls *sob*

For those who are still confused and curious about bntNews, it’s a website that provides information, like all information to your Korean liking! From the entertainment, arts, beauty to the latest fashion trends there! Don’t forget to drop by their site, you can visit them here~

Here thanking Joy from bntNews (hello again, Joy!) and all the crews that have been working hard to get this package to my home safe and sound! This package is of course, and as usual is neatly and nicely wrapped. All items are wrapped safely too using thick bubble wrap, so they won’t be damaged during the shipment.

This month what I received are….. *drum rolls*

The much hyped product lately, it’s a CC (color correction) cream! Woo!
Joy has promised us this cream, and she and the crews had worked sooo hard to get us this cream as the hype was also very huge in South Korea. Thanking them again now for the CC cream is now on my hand. <3

Tony Moly Luminous Aura CC Cream SPF 30 PA++
Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lipstick in OR03
Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack
Tony Moly Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact #2

So, do you have any request for the review? I’m planning on doing a review for the CC cream first as it’s a quite hyped product lately after the big hype of BB creams. Tell me which product you want me to review first, I will try my best to do the review soon as possible ‘kay? It’s like I got so many things to be reviewed but I just…got no time to try on them and to write down the review. 
Okay, gotta write reviews now. 

Ciao, belle! X 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Review : Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner #2 Brown

This week will be started with an eyeliner review, this time it’s a famous gel-type liner from Tony Moly, the Backstage Gel Eyeliner! People might have been familiar with this product, and thank to bntNews for putting this item also in my April package, so, I can learn what’s the hype is all about!

Unique Packaging (plus Bonus Brush!)
The packaging is all made of a sleek, sturdy plastic, which is tightly packed and I found it easy to travelling with. The jar is made of clear plastic looking like a glass, but it’s as sturdy too. This eyeliner has a quite tall twist-turn cap, featuring a built-in-but-removable handle which is actually a retractable eyeliner brush!

If you find it out too short for the brush handle, do not worry because it’s actually retractable and can be a little bit expanded. 
Taking off the cap and you will quickly found a white plastic separator in between the cap and the product. I love how Tony Moly products always have this plastic separator in every of their jar product. It can really work to protect the product inside from being dried or melted all the way if you loosely screw the cap back, eh?

Comes in a Lot of Color Selection!
I got this eyeliner in #2, it’s a Brown color according to the web. There are all 13 colors available to choose over in this Backstage Gel Eyeliner, from an ordinary black to khaki and pearly navy! Every single product has 4 g in it.

Creamy Baby
This gel eyeliner actually surprised me when I first swatched it. It was more like a cream than a gel for me. The texture is so smooth, sooooo creamy, so soft and very smudgeable! Being creamy both in the jar and on the application, it surely takes up some time to completely dry and turn into a waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner. But when it’s not all dried up yet, you can always smudge them to make a soft smokey effect as well.

see how creamy its constituency from the left line!

It glides on smoothly without any tugging or repeated application, as the color payoff is very true and bold just in one stroke. It’s more into a medium-dark chocolate on me than a brown. The finish of this eyeliner is matte, even though some other colors like the one in #5 for example, is a navy blue with pearly finish.

The staying power is awesome; it lasts on me from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. without any smudging! Of course, I take the time to wait it to completely dry tho. Don’t forget to wear eye primer underneath as it will make your eyeliner just as vibrant and as long lasting.

Cheap but Great!
Surprisingly, as the rest of Tony Moly products this eyeliner is as budget friendly as well! It’s only around IDR 90,000-130,000 depends on where you get it. The price is very reasonable due to the quality of this eyeliner! Well, lucky me to have the chance trying on this product from bntNews April’s Package. Maybe I’ll buy another color?


Last Words?
For the texture to the staying power, overall I like them all! It’s creamy, super smooth, glides easily yet is easy to remove with any makeup remover. Don’t you think you should grab one too? For those who have problems with its creaminess after the application, make sure to let it sets for 30 secs or so, and there you are with the budgeproof and waterproof eyeliner!


 Don't forget to check on bntNews' site, I myself haven't checked out their site for quite a long time. Sigh. Do you girls notice my absence lately? I've been very very busy since my Auntie got married, that's why I didn't post a lot since the beginning of 2013 I was pretty much involved in the whole process. I was very close with her, that's why!
 Here are their socmed account, in case you want to keep in touch with bntNews on-the-go for a quick Korean updates :

Facebook : bntNews
Twitter : @officialbntNews

Sunday, May 19, 2013

FOTD : Dull to Doll (Haruhi Suzumiya Inspired!)

Hey-looooow everyone! I’m writing this along with reading my history book. Okay, I’m having history final test by tomorrow, but I badly want to join the IBB contest “Dull to Doll” which will end just soon! So, babble no more and let’s go straight to the pictures, shall we?

(BTW as you might have noticed my headband--I'm inspired by Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime!)

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact SPF 25++ #02
Tony Moly CC Cream
TheBalm Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer #Light
Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Naked Rose
Peripera Peri’s Water Tint in 01 Cherry Juice
LA Girl Pro Concealer in Creamy Beige
Maybelline Metal Color Tattoo Eye Shadow in 070 Barely Branded
TheBalm Nude Tude Palette (Stand-offish, Sultry, Seductive, Sophisticated)
Rimmel ScandalEYES Waterproof Kohl Liner in 01 Black, 05 Nude
Maybelline Auto Eyebrow in Dark Grey
Coastal Scents Liquid Eyeliner in Jet
Holika Holika Jewel Waterproof Liner in 09 Gold
Maybelline Color Sensational in Coral Crush
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Pinkerbell
NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Buttery Nude

So, am I dolled up enough? By the way I’m now on Instagram, the user name is : caroleinne. yay for that! Follow my instagram, would you? Leave some comments to let me know you’re there, and lemme follow yours. Kay, time to go back to study now. Leave the comments about my look below, and XOXO! Good night everyone <3

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review : Tony Moly Help Me! Lip Balm #01

What does a lip balm do, while you’re in “crisis mode”? Or to make it simple, in danger? So well, it does save your lips from the “yuck-her-lips-are-flaking-yesterday-when-we-kissed” and your (ahem,) relationship, but can it do something more? Like, saving your life and your purse? \(*˙□˙*)/

The most interesting product that I received from bntNews was this lip balm! It’s from Tony Moly which is a Korean brand, as what you might know. This is a new product from them, and the name itself tells what it’s actually. So, shall we go on?

A (cute) Round Helper!
So the packaging is quite simple and made of plastic, with a pink card with some description behind it. Ahem. As I said earlier, the name of this product actually tells us what the product is. It’s a lip balm which is literally going to “help” you too, from harms beside of the flaky lips. Woo! But, how does it do….? Can you guess it already from seeing the description behind the card?

Comes in a round plastic jar with an eye-catching hot pink color and a keychain, it surely looks cute! It has the name “Help Me! Lip Balm” on its twist turn cap, printed in white cute font plus there is a megaphone picture there. Wonder what it is?

What’s the Noise?
This lip balm is not just an ordinary lip balm coming in a jar, nope; actually it’s also a self-alarm. Its keychain actually is not permanently attached to the jar, it’s actually removable as it has a plug at its another end which is attached into the jar! All you have to do is…well simply pull off the chain and then “UIUIUIUIUIUIUIUIUIKUIKUIUIKUIUKUIK!!!!” like that. So loud, so…amazing!

If you’re in danger, you can always pull off the keychain and then the alarm will ring just as the keychain is off. You wish to stop the alarm? Simply put the plug back and the alarm will immediately stop. Amazing, eh? :D 

here's where all the loud comes out from!

There is a plastic separator with Tony Moly name embossed on it. Just below the separator, here the product goes! It’s a milky white color in jar, but turns out colorless once applied. 

Cute yet Useful!
Every product has 3.2 gram in it, and what I got now is in shade #1. This lip balm comes in two shade, which the shade #1 is a colorless lip balm with the name “super moisture” while the shade #2 is a tinted lip balm. Shade #1, being made of 10.5% of natural ingredients, of course delivers more moisture just as its name. There is a slight citrus scent to it, but the scent will eventually fade after few seconds.

image credits to qoo10.co.id

This lip balm delivers moisture into my lips well, and it’s a type that sits on your lips instead of being absorbed completely. It doesn’t feel sticky after all however, which is quite impressive since the finish is glossy. The coverage is zero, of course, since it’s a colorless lip balm. The texture is soft, and easy to spread without any dragging on lips.

ignore my lighter bbc color on my face...
I could feel the lip balm started to disappear after 2-3 hours. The staying power is not the best, but I don’t mind reapplying tho. It doesn’t make your lips dry after it disappeared which some lip glosses/balms might usually do.

Jar is Not What I’m Very Keen on…
The only thing to complain about is that this product coming up in a jar! Dipping your fingers into the jar, rubbing it on your lips and going back dipping them again into the jar…well it’s not hygienic. Meh. I wish it would come along with a brush, it might make the application became more inconvenience but I’d like it that way! We could reapply as much as we like without worrying of germs or bacteria that could get into the product. Preventing is always better than healing, eh? *wink

This product is not available locally though, but you can still order it online from some, of course, trusted online shops. I got mine from the April package of bntNews. The price may vary, but I think it’s around $13 to $15 something.


Last Words?
So far I love this product, as it’s very cute and eye-catchy but hell-yeah useful as well! This lip balm has been such hype in the topic between me and my friends, as I once brought it to school and showed them it. They even planned to buy one for each person and bring it along with them for our overseas trip next year, LOL~ Don’t forget to use the keychain as well, attach this product on your bag’s zipper for a lips and self protection.

Have you gotten interest in this product? Or any of you have tried it? Until next time, do not forget to drop the comment kay? XOXO!