Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FOTD: Submission for #GyaruWannabe Photo Contest!

Nothing would be more exciting than a photo contest, yay! I chose to join Pygmalion Land x Kay Collection Indonesia in their #GyaruWannabe contest. I should honestly admit that I didn’t know that the contestants were to imitate Tsubasa Masuwaka at least one pose—and look as similar to her—she made for the Dollywink’s eyelashes packaging. So the first mistake that I obviously did was that I didn’t imitate her pose, ofc, and the second, I didn’t do any hairdo. Thought the point was only to “Gyaru wannabe”, but I didn’t have the idea whom to imitate was Tsu-chan herself (;A;  ) It was too bad la, since I have my Dueba Sugar Candy Circle Lens which also is owned by her!

So here is my look for the other day’s contest, which I absolutely didn’t win LOL

Gonna list the products used below! I used the unusable-overly-dramatic-lashes which was given by Joveeta (thankiee, Lady J!) which I thought I would never had a chance to use it over…but atm I found a great idea to STACK THEM UP to each other, to create that dramatic lashes of mine LOLOLOL

Products Used
L’Oreal Lucent Magique Foundation in N2
ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation in OC0W
Coastal Scents Liquid Liner in Jet
Essence Gel Liner in Midnight in Paris
Urban Decay NAKED 2 Taupe, (for brow & crease) Bootycall, Suspect, Busted, Blackout
Japanese falsies from Joveeta (two stack of straight & criss-cross)
Bilqis Lower Lashes
Korres Zea Mays Blush in 016 Pink
theBalm Down Boy Blush
theBalm Bahama Mama
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Think Pink
Covergirl Lip Perfection in Heavenly
NYX Megashine Lip Gloss in Beige

What do you think about my look? Honestly it was the first time in my life feeling (and looking!) so gyaru-ish, LOL I never thought up of stacking two dramatic, long lashes together which will look super awesome, pretty, and dramatic in photos! So if I’m requested to create this look, I would happily do a tutorial for you girls! XD

I will see you next time, eh? Don’t forget to join my giveaway too, well I’m kinda lack of posting lately due to the errors of my internet connection, as sucks as always, so I’m trying to do my best to update this blog often.

Drop the comments, and goodbye! Have a good day, everyone!

P.S: Writing this in the classroom, during a lesson. One teacher is absent, LOL

Friday, July 26, 2013

International Giveway: Summer Sweets

“Dear my beloved Angels,
Since this blog of mine has been hit more than 93,000 after all this time and there are more than 300 people following this blog also, I myself really want to celebrate my happiness once again with you girls. My birthday and holiday were more than what I could’ve expected for, the reason why I am holding this giveaway with a quite great amount and great prizes inside full with my old and nowadays favorites, for which I hope one of the Luckiest Angel to win them, will love them as much as I do. 

This giveaway is now open internationally, yet it means the beloved Angels from a faraway land can still get the chance to also win the prizes. This is not just a giveaway, a one-way giveaway which needs you as the reader to give your feedback to me. I want to know all my readers well, that’s why please do tag me, tweet me, or whatever your way is to give me a picture of yours, so that I can know you better. There is also, going to be a special prize despite of winning or “better-next-time” experience in joining this giveaway for the one with the best picture in my version. It can be anything—nail art, hairdos, anything, anything. I simply want you to share what was your best photo during this soon-to-end summer.

And for the comments policy, I will not cause you a disqualification for writing bad things about me, and or your bad opinions about me as long as the words you use within are not swear words, or those known as the “Sailor words” from the cartoon Spongebob. I will appreciate all comments and try to do my best to be better and better again. Feel free to criticize and or to admire me, as long as you’re being honest!

For the cheaters out there, you better watch your way out and let that bad idea goes away with the wind. I will not give any second choice for those who cheat. Everybody has the same chance to win, and if you really eager to add more entries you got to do what you’re told to. Those who cheat will automatically have their entries deleted as well as they have to start from the point zero again.

Now all things remained for you to do, is to fill the Rafflecopter widget down below.
Love, and, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kisses from your Angel fella,

Macao : Day 4,5,6 featuring Dreamworks Garden at Cotai Central!

Phew~ I never thought I would get so much positive feedbacks from all of you to continue my holiday report! So thank you for encouraging me to do this holiday report (again) and I hope this post will also delight your eyes too with a lot of good quality pictures taken freshly from my bad pocket camera!

The Venetian at the night

As what I told you before in here, we went to Macao on the fourth day of the holiday and stayed there for the next 2 days. We took the ferry to there, and here are some pictures I managed to snap before I totally fell into asleep for being seasick and feeling not very healthy atm. The weather wasn’t nice at all, there was a storm I believed, so the sea seemed to be in a rage too—the ferry moved a lot up and down, side to side and it was causing me seasick that I chose to sleep than to throw my food up.

The journey took 1 hour more and less, I wasn’t pretty sure about it because I was sleeping all the way LOL! After we arrived there, as maybe some of you have known that we have to pass through the immigration check all over again because basically, Hong Kong and Macao has their own government in this case. Yet Macao has its own currency too!

the flower decoration at the lobby of Conrad Macao!

We were staying at Conrad Hotel, at Cotai Central. It was in front of the famous The Venetian®, and in between the Sheraton Hotel and Holiday Inn. I love staying there that it was very convenient to walk whether to the Cotai Shopping Central itself, to the Holiday Inn hotel (to sneak some pictures LOL) or to The Venetian® area because they were all connected.

What delighted me the most was this Dreamworks Garden in the Cotai Central! OMG there were this Dreamworks animated film booths and everyday at noon, the characters were going to come out and people could take pictures with them! 

quickly snap a picture while we just had our breakfast. look at the coffee cups lol

this sakura tree is artificial man-made one, but as beautiful as the real one!
 The time schedule itself was not very clear to me, but glad that I made it to snap some pics with Shrek (even though I saw that flabby Panda over there, Shrek’s booth was the most beautiful of the other ones!)

In the middle of the garden there was this fountain, and it sang. Yep, it did. The water in the fountain was following the rhythm of the song itself; when the tone got high so did the fountain. The higher the tone, the higher the water would be! It was very amazing, and the garden? Needn’t I have to say more, you can see how beautiful it was right? *wink*

After the pictures *click click* we walked through this Bridge Of Stars, to The Venetian®. This bridge was very beautiful and interesting to see how actors, actresses and all the big famous names were there! Most of the famous people who had their hand stamps there were old Hong Kong movie stars and such, the only name I recognized was Wu Zhun…while my Granny and Grandpa recognized almost all of the rest. 

there were my crews! LOL

The Venetian®'s buildings

Really wished I could’ve stayed at The Venetian® someday! It was a very cool place, the hall, the paintings, the shopping center, the gondolas…too bad it was very crowded being famous for a luxury, beautiful hotel in Macao and when it came to holiday I wanted it to be quiet and enjoyable, which meant there were no chance for me to stay at a crowded one like in The Venetian®. I hate to hear people walking and talking with loud voice at the hotel’s corridor—this is a personal opinion, but you must know that feeling.

the lobby near the entrance! see the cool paintings on the ceiling? fly to the 18th centuries already? XD

Aaaaaaaaaand when every stores in The Venetian® Shopping Center were a luxury, designer and high end brands of fashion and beauty, the store that attracted me so much were this store! I never thought I would ever come to this store physically, I mean I wasn’t so into Lush even tho I wanted too, and I never thought it could have a store here! Buying some items from them also ~~ I REGRET WHY I ONLY BOUGHT TWO ITEMS ATM ASDFGHJKL


The gondola riding seemed fun too, but maybe next time…I got almost no time but to walk to some famous and proved-delicious restaurants…

Here’s some pictures of my hotel room at Conrad Macao, I love it very much! LOL the pillows were very comfy, I couldn’t get my head up no matter that I had already slept for a great amount of time or not…

the complimentary candy, I swear they're sweet and delicious!
Seeing this picture quickly make me feel so sleepy again...
B-duck fever was all over da world! Found this on the top of toiletries drawer inside the bathroom...

The next day we walked to another area of Macao—it was the real Macao, the land we stayed at, where The Venetian®, Cotai Central built on reclaimed man-made land (upon a sea!)—and as predicted before, be prepared to see the old buildings mixed with the modernity there!
Lisboa was the first casino there, I heard about it from my Grandpa and correct me if I’m wrong kay? I love how they didn’t rebuild the old building instead of building a new one, with the same name and a better, more beautiful and futuristic building of Grand Lisboa!

the old Lisboa!

the new Grand Lisboa!

I walked inside the Grand Lisboa awhile, and here I managed to snap some pictures. And some selcas. With my almost bare face.

this fountain is AWESUMMMMMMM

After the walk inside, time to walk the road down deeper into the Macao’s streets! I really wanted to enter some places, old buildings and such, a market too but the time just was too short for me to grant my wishes. I really want to come back there one day, and really have the walk to the places I wanted to walk! (‾‾◊‾‾”)

Closing the day after a tiring walk here and there, with a dinner at O Santos, an amazing Portuguese restaurant at Taipa! I didn’t manage to snap a pic of that amazing restaurant with the amazing foods—because of the cam’s battery ugh—but thank God I still managed to take this picture of Serrandura ice cream, from Bitter Sweet Desset. It’s also located at Taipa, and the ice cream was supaaaaaaa delicious for being not too sweet and the topping was Marie cookies I believe, an old favorite of everyone, eh?

And I think that’s all I can tell you about my journey when I was in Macao for sure. Not so many pics, and not all of them are beautiful due to the usage of pocket camera—you know how DSLR’s quality right…and price—but I hope you will enjoy this report! Yet, I think this report is worse than the part one here, ugh, but I’m trying my best to do the reports like so. For the next trip I promise, I will upload a more decent report to all of you—so please pray for me that I can go back there again in no time! Part three of my reports is on the making, anyway.

taken from my Hotel room~

Don’t forget to share what you think down below, I’m not an expert in doing trip/holiday review, place review blah blah but I wanna get better and better at this too! It’s okay to rate this post as “BOOOOORINGGGG” or “YOUUUU SUCKSSSS” because I know, I’m still no good! \(*ɜ*”)/ Ciao for now, and kisskiss!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: Dueba Sugar Candy Lens in Hazel [SPONSORED]

If you’re really paying attention to what circle lens that I wear in my FOTD-s lately, you will soon recognize I’m using only “that” lens, over and over again. Yup, it’s true that I love it so much I’m not tempted to wear another circle lens of mine! Do you wonder what is it?

This is my very first Dueba lens! I’ve already a lot good reviews of this lens, and when Dreamie Chuppa offered me the opportunity to review one, why should I pull myself back? Let’s get into the product info first, shall we?

Product Info
Brand: Dueba
Type: Sugar Candy
Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Color: Brown (also known as Hazel)
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year (disposable)
Availability in Prescription: Yes (from 0-1000)

Japanese Models’ Lenses!
 Dueba lens is also known famous for it’s what the Japanese models in those Japanese magazines wear! Name some famous model like our Tsu-chan, she’s also using this lens in her ads for Dollywink lashes! Woo, now I have Tsu-chan’s lens! ~(♥ᴥ♥)~ Moreover, this lens once was also featured in Egg Magazine, one of the Japanese famous gyaru magazine around last year, but well I can’t remember what volume was that…

Re-labeled under the Dolly Eye, a Korean manufacture of circle lens, this lens comes in such vial bottles with the plastic cap attached to the aluminum seal around the vials. To open it, make sure to lift the plastic cap up from where the arrow—carved on the aluminum—is pointing to.

Bold Black Limbal Ring
Having only 14.5mm in diameter, some may have questioned why do gyarus and Japanese models wear this lens a lot? The answer is that because of the enlargement effect given by the outer black limbal ring! Never underestimate what it can do to enlarge your eyes, being quite black and bolder, yet thicker than any other circle lenses that I have makes this Sugar Candy lens gives the second best enlargement out of all the circle lenses that I own currently.

inside in
Color: ♥♥♥♥♥
The name “hazel” stated in some sites who sell this lens is way to describe the color the best. It’s a pure, clear brown while is worn on eye. Opaque in color, but not standing up alone for itself, instead the color is blending well with my dark brown eyes.

close up

Design: ♥♥♥♥♥
Can you see the spikes around the edge of the brown color of this lens? I was quite afraid that the spiky pattern will show up obviously and create an unnatural look to my eyes, but thank God they don’t! I’m not very sure the other colors of this range will not accentuate the spikes pattern on eyes though, the pattern blends up to my eyes because of the color alone, I think. I’m not a fan of this spiky pattern to be honest.

both lens in

Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♥
Enlargement given is amazing! I love the effects, wearing this lens will quickly pop up my eyes just in seconds. The limbal ring is just as what I mentioned before, it’s bold, black, and thick that’s why it has a great enlargement effect while worn—around 15-15.5mm.

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♥
The comfort is amazing! It sure is more comfortable to wear this pair of lens than my EOS Jewel lens (previous favorite in comfort term). Eyes are starting to feel tired after 12-14 hours of wear, but few eye drops can always help. Tried it out both indoor and outdoor, in air-conditioned room also, this lens is still so far my best for the comfort. No itchy or hurt feeling when putting it in or pulling it out also!

This lens is retailing for around $18 to $23/pair, but at Dreamie Chuppa you can simply grab this for only IDR 180,000 or $18! I think the price is quite reasonable, it’s cheaper than any of the sites that sell circle lenses yet they do guarantee the authenticity of their goods as well. I often bought lenses from them, and never have been disappointed! Apart from this is a sponsored item provided by them, the service of the owner had already impressed me in the past. It was quite hard too to find trusted sellers/sites that sell Dueba, Kimchi, iFairy lens here in Indonesia and Dreamie Chuppa is one far as I know!

Now for all my beloved readers out there, Dreamie Chuppa’s giving off a 5% discount of your purchase mentioning the name “carolinelle” when you place your orders. So do not hesitate to use this coupon, I will do a banner for this coupon soon also!

imitatin gyaru look....i know I failed it.


Last Words?
Dueba lens is now my favorite! It feels very comfort on my eyes, yet I love this lens because it looks very natural and the enlargement is very, very good! No question it’s worn by a lot of Japanese models and one of them is Tsu-chan. I love the opaqueness of the color payoff given! The only complain that may occur to this lens is the spikes pattern, it may appear unnatural when the color of the lens itself is not hazel like the one I have. Repurchase, yes I will on the other type of Dueba lens!

So! Have you ever tried Dueba lens, and what do you think about them? Are you looking forward to buying it soon? Tell me in the comment section below, and see you~