Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Tips: DIY Green Tea Powder and Gentle Face Scrub!

Tuesday Tips is baaaack ~
Because I simply don’t care about my exams. Gee. Screw them all! *throw books away*

As maybe you have read here in my Daily Skincare Routine post, currently I have no scrub/exfoliating products in my stash – simply because even the most gentle one breaks me out. Usually I just use oatmeal as exfoliator but you know, it’s too soft eh? No ‘real exfoliating’ on skin, and I can’t really tell if the rough dead skin cells are actually going away or not. So I’ve been experimenting for two weeks with stuff in the kitchen, and ta~daaaaa ...
my very own gentle face scrub!

The exfoliator agent in this DIY Gentle Scrub Mask is…green tea powder. I know it’s very hard to find green tea in powder form here in Indonesia so guess what, I’m going to make my own powder!

  • Green tea leaves
  • Tea Filter
  • Spoon

  • Separate the dried sticks from the leaves – simply because sticks don’t grind well later and it’s quite harsh on skin!

  • After done separating, now put the leaves into a food processor/blender.
  • Grind it for 2 minutes.

  • Put the ground tea leaves in a tea filter. Start filtering the leaves; throw away all the big chunks.
  • Repeat the filtering process twice.
  • Your beauty powder is ready ~

P.S: you may repeat the grinding or filtering process as many times as you like to get the texture that you want!

Now that we have our powder, let’s make the mixture ~

  • 1 tsp Green tea powder (yay!)
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • ½ tsp Warm water

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of green tea powder with 1 teaspoon of honey

  • Stir them all-together.

  • Until they’re well mixed, add ½ tsp of warm water.

check the constituency. add more/less water as you like!
  • Apply to your face. Let it sit for good 15 minutes.

  • Splash water, then rub with gentle circular motion (for exfoliating purpose) or rinse off (if you’re only using it as a mask)

I quickly found that this magical mixture works both as a homemade face scrub and simply a calming mask! It’s all up to you because the green tea goodness still works wonder in both way though – that’s why we let it sit for quite a while, okay? Don’t rinse off too quick!

After using this mask/scrub, I quickly feel my skin smoother, brighter, and more hydrated and plumped than before. Oh yes ~ ! I recommend you to use this as a mask 3 times in a week, and use as a scrub once a week. You can always thank me later for having clearer, (slightly) brighter, and less oily face ;)


And that’s all for today’s #TuesdayTips! Toot is now upset because I don’t study instead of pampering self and writing this post. Geez. Will be back later okay? This upcoming two weeks I will be quite busy but I will try my best to update more.
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Ask me anything – life related, beauty related stuff, campus stuff – and I will answer them quickly!

Ciao for now girls, happy Tuesday ♥ xo

Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to Shop Product from 'Get It Beauty' Easily!

Hello girls ~
Who doesn’t know the Korean TV Show ‘Get It Beauty’? Here, here! First let’s take a look on this video below if you’re totally lost on what I’m talking right now:

Okay. So. Get It Beauty is a famous Korean TV Show which talks all about beauty – everything you can name from head to toe – be it makeup or skin care tips. Since Korea is now one of the beauty trend leaders in the world, such of a beauty show like Get It Beauty gets very popular within everyone quickly.

Get It Beauty features some professional and famous Korean Make Up Artists to share tips and do makeover for the lucky audiences. Every episode of this show has different theme and topic that the advices and tips given are based on it. Very interesting eh?

There are basically 3 main sessions in this show, the first is Blind Test. Featured Make Up Artist of the day will have one model and demonstrate a makeover on her, while the product names are being kept and not shown until the audiences pick which one is the best of all the tested products. This session is very helpful and interesting because you will judge the item based on its performance, not from the price or the brand! It’s often proved in this test that cheap items aren’t always worse than the more expensive ones.

Lipsticks blind test in 2015, eps.3 - pic from here.

The second is a Get It Beauty Self, where famous Korean stars or actresses are featured in the show and they will discuss what products they are wearing or their favorite items. Most of the audiences love this session because sometimes, admit it, we wonder what is it the actresses/singers are wearing when they’re on stage because they simply look gorgeous! Indeed, we cannot physically be at the backstage and ask them directly ‘what was that lipstick’ so this session of Get It Beauty is wonderful and waited by many people!

Rainbow's Jae Kyung is giving her tips! - pic from soompi.com

The last session is makeover. Featured Make Up Artist will pick one lucky audience which later is called ‘Better Girls’ (and I really have no idea why they put the word ‘Better’ for the chosen ones hmm) and do makeover on her. While doing the makeover, the MUA will also share the some tips and tricks, reviews, plus explaining the products used on the model according to the main topic of that episode. This is totally different with the ‘Blind Test’ session where the product names are not shown, in this makeover session you will be told the product names and literally drool after seeing the result on the model.

pic from here.

"And we often – very often – drool on some items but then, 20 minutes later we forget what should we pick and the TV show is over already."
We didn’t even remember to write down the product names because we focused too much on the demonstration. Ugh! That’s the worst feeling, ever.

But! Worry not, my girls.
 If you are very clumsy in remembering names – I am, you are not alone! – you can always visit W2Beauty site and click on their ‘Get It Beauty’ tab, aaaaand…shop the cult favorites and featured products of the show right away, without no fuss of looking pen and papers to write down the names and waste of time.

W2Beauty is a South Korea based online shop which sells popular Korean beauty items from various brands like Peripera, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Clio, Aritaum, and many more. If you live outside Korea like me, shopping Asian or Korean beauty products from local or eBay sellers can make you take a deep breath and exhale like a hippo, because the price is very steep and the mark up is crazy. Gee! Buying things directly from Korea is great, but the shipping price we should pay is…ahem, most of the time is way more expensive than the items itself. W2Beauty is the solution then, because it offers free shipping worldwide on any orders! How cool is that??

Yes the price of the products in W2Beauty is not as cheap as if you’re shopping directly in Korea but I think it’s cheap enough because you don’t have to pay for the shipping fee ~

To make things even better, W2Beauty will give you samples/full sized products as a complimentary gift on your orders! Only $20 – which I believe you could easily get once you shop there – and you are already eligible to claim free mask sheet + 3 samples. Great not? ;)

Also today I am going to give you girls $5 off voucher to shop in W2Beauty with minimum purchase of $30 – so you’re only paying $25 in total! Yay! Simply enter this code below while registering before cart checkout.


Okay, that’s all for now – I am going to watch Get It Beauty videos with English subs in marathon aaaaaand haul something from W2Beauty as a self-birthday gift!

Ciao for now, happy Sunday girls ♥ xo

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Tips #2: Tips Belanja Online Kosmetik Asli dan Aman!

Today is Tuesday, haven’t you craved for your #TuesdayTips yet? ;)
#TuesdayTips hari ini bakal aku tulis khusus dalam Bahasa karena aku baru saja mengalami pengalaman yang amat sangat tidak menyenangkan dengan sebuah online shop. Untuk itu hari ini aku akan sharing beberapa tips untuk kalian semua.

Di zaman serba modern kayak sekarang ini, semua serba cepat dan mudah. Belanja online pun jadi salah satu rutinitas kali ya, bagi netizen kayak aku dan kalian yang lagi baca artikel ini. Belanja di toko emang asik, tapi nggak bisa dipungkirin kalo ratusan katalog produk baru dari berbagai merk dan hiasan warna-warni serta teknik fotografi yang menarik lebih memikat daripada in-store items, ya nggak?
Buat yang sering belanja online mah, pasti udah tau kiat-kiat menghindari seller yang tidak terpercaya/nakal/penipu. Gampang banget buat kalian yang belum tahu apa aja sih kriteria seller jujur dan terpercaya, google aja dan kalian akan menemukan 1001 ciri-ciri seperti yang ini, nih…

But here’s one thing aku mau coba bahas hari ini: is the seller trusted?. Trusted seller didalam dunia jual-beli online, sejauh ini dipahami orang-orang hanyalah sebagai dan sejauh:

customer order + transfer + barang dikirim + diterima = seller terpercaya.

Tapi the question is, apakah seller itu jujur?
Jujur mengenai barang yang dijualnya? Karena kejujuran adalah sebuah nilai, etika yang belum tentu dimiliki oleh semua orang di dunia bisnis.

Nih, satu contoh kasus gampang. Parfum.
A: sis, ini parfumnya ori nggak ya? Kok murah banget harganya?B: ORI sis. ORI SINGAPORE.

Pertanyaan yang harus dijawab dalam hati masing-masing aja deh:
  • Apakah B sebagai seller diatas jujur?
  • Apakah A salah jika mengira kalau jualan B ini ORI? 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Review: Mustika Ratu Lipstik Warna Favorit

Hai Angels ~ Nah pada post ini, aku akan menulisnya dalam Bahasa karena hari ini aku akan membahas mengenai produk lokal! Jarang-jarang ya aku menulis review tentang produk lokal? Sebenarnya banyak produk lokal yang sering dan sudah aku coba, namun hanya saja terkadang aku lupa apa saja yang sudah aku coba dan akhirnya tidak ke-review deh. Barang yang satu ini juga. Meski mereka adalah favoritku, namun aku benar-benar tidak ingat sama sekali apa aku sudah mereview mereka atau belum. Terima kasih banyak untuk yang sudah nanya ke aku di ask.fm, lipstik lokal favorit aku apa dan aku jawab ‘Mustika Ratu Lipstik Warna Favorit nih’ dan yep, aku belum mereviewnya! Jadi hari ini…izinkan aku untuk meracuni kalian ya dengan rangkaian lipstik produk buatan Anak Indonesia ini ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hi everyone ~
Being a makeup enthusiast finally has taken its toll on me – I have a pile of unused products in my (not-so-big) collection. So here’s a thing: I am a girl who quickly would feel guilty as I found abandoned stuffs and rarely-used ones. I think it’s better to let them go to those who want them more than I do!

The stuffs here are not those I hate. Nah nah. They were just…unlucky ones in my collection since I rarely touched and used them. Or they were preloved items, like I used to love them so much but now I choose to let them go just because I coincidentally bought a ‘better’ dupe of them (in terms of color/finish/formula) and that made them forgotten.

Currently this blog sale is only available for Indonesia area only. Okay, so let’s get started!

Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick #03 Apple Cheeks – IDR 37,000 (used 2x) BOOKED
Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick #01 Blushed – IDR 37,000 (used 2x) BOOKED

Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner – IDR 200,000
It retails for IDR 300,000/125ml, but now I am selling it for a cheaper price. This toner is an old wish of mine, when my skin is a lot oilier back there but now since my skin is on the drier state I don’t think it would suit me. I just got this last February. It’s still sealed.

Collection UK Lasting Perfection Concealer #01 Fair – IDR 80,000
Another brand new item. This concealer is super amazing! Too bad that I still have 3 opened concealers now, so I better let this one go. Usually retails for IDR 110,000.

LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Tulle – IDR 40,000 (used 2x)
Maybelline Color Sensational in Fifth Ave Fuchsia – IDR 45,000 (used 4x) BOOKED
Jordana Twist n Shine #08 Cranberry Crush – IDR 30,000 (85% condition) BOOKED
NYX Matte Lipstick in Merlot – IDR 40,000 (used 3x) BOOKED
ZA Lip Drops – IDR 20,000 (used 1x for swatch)

If you’re interested, just kindly email me at:

I only accept payment via BCA and ships using JNE courier service only.

Happy Shopping ♥

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

(Secret) Daily Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin!

Finally this post eeps ~
I can finally write a skincare routine post. WHAT A YAY for me myself since my skin is very difficult to deal with most products out there for being way too sensitive. Phew! But the fuss is over now since I met these babies. I almost kiss acne goodbye if only I were not a girl (the period thing, okay) and stayed home all day all night by quitting university #getslapped
But things are going on – so is my hormonal cycle and metabolism, plus the extreme weather nowadays – so I can’t get rid of my acne by a hundred percent and hey, it’s totally normal! Nobody’s perfect, remember?

Before continuing this post, I’d like to rewrite a part of my disclaimer here:

I am not a professional or a formally-educated in medical subjects. I won’t talk much about ingredients and debate about it – google it and if you want to pick the items I mentioned here, all the risk is on yours, since they worked on me anyway. Yes, they helped me to get through the rough skin and acne. Yes, the acne is still coming back with its friends during period and common university days. 
I won’t guarantee that by using the products stated in this post will help you to get the results like mine. I am just sharing my experience and opinion here, may all the contents of this post only are subjected as information and not as a persuasion to get one or more products from the list since I am not affiliated to any brands mentioned.

Okay so now, let’s get started!