Monday, September 18, 2017

Yuk, Pancarkan Kecantikan Khas Asia Bersama PIXY Cosmetics!

Seperti yang kalian mungkin sudah lihat di Instagram, beberapa waktu yang lalu aku dan beberapa orang beauty bloggers Surabaya lainnya menghadiri acara PIXY Cosmetics “Express Your Truly Asian Beauty” di Atrium Royal Plaza, Surabaya. Nah buat kalian mungkin belum tahu, acara ini merupakan sebuah rangkaian roadshow yang dilakukan PIXY ke berbagai kota di Indonesia, untuk memperkenalkan seri warna lip cream terbaru mereka serta merupakan ajang penyisihan lomba Asian Beauty Trip.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Review: X2 Diary in 08 Grey [SPONSORED]

Hi Girls!
It’s been a long time since my last contact lens review, eh? If you’ve been stalking me in Instagram, you’ll notice that in these past two weeks I’ve been wearing such an eye-catching pair of new contact lens. This contact lens caught so many people’s heart and asked me where did it come from! Curious no more girls, because today I’ll be reviewing it!

Long story short, I was contacted by X2 Indonesia few weeks ago after sharing a lot of photos wearing lens from them on Instagram. Lately I'm obsessed with X2 lens, not only because they're cheap but the quality is top notch! So when they asked whether I wanted to try another new product from them, of course I religiously nod ✌👀 Ayeeee!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Surabaya Beauty Bloggers' First Anniversary!

Hi Angels, today I have a very special event report for all of you – it’s about the Surabaya Beauty Blogger’s First Anniversary! Woo!

Actually I haven’t been an “official” part of them for one whole year yet – because I was on hiatus for like a year, due to hectic campus life – but I was super excited to be back and able to meet new and old friends too here in this event.

If you stalked my InstaStories like 2 weeks ago you’ll notice that I’ve been quite busy with Ce Mindy and Redha preparing the goodie bags for this event. Even though I only helped a little here and there during the preparation, but seriously girls, if you read this, it drained my youth and energy so much. I couldn’t imagine if I were in Ce Mindy’s position tho, to be the head of this event! Salute!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: 6 Warna Baru PIXY Lip Cream (Nude Colour!)

Nggak terasa sudah Senin lagi aja ya. Ups… Sorry for reminding you that!!
Tapi tenang, hari ini aku ada racun lipstik baru untuk kalian semua, biar kalian bisa memulai hari dengan lebih semangat, because we need money to buy more lipsticks – werk werk werk werk!

Buat kalian yang suka warna netral untuk bibir, pasti dong tahu susahnya cari warna nude yang pas dengan tone maupun undertone kulit kamu. Kalau cowok yang lihat, ya semua namanya coklat. Tapi kalau cewek, termasuk aku nih, ada brownish pink, coral brown, peach nude, dan lain-lainnya… Nah, karenanya, PIXY memahami kegalauan dan keinginan tak berujung dari kita para wanita, jadi dalam 6 warna ini semua undertone dari nude color pada umumnya sudah tersedia, yakni: brown, pink, and coral!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pengalaman Acne Facial Treatment di Clariskin

Hello, Angels!

Di tulisan kali ini, aku kembali menggunakan Bahasa ya agar mudah dipahami dan bisa membantu kalian yang sedang cari informasi tentang treatment di salah satu klinik estetika, khususnya di Clariskin yang hanya ada di Surabaya saat ini.

Kalau kalian adalah pembaca setia di blog ini, kalian pasti tahu dong dengan pengalaman burukku dengan klinik estetika beberapa tahun yang lalu. Bagi yang belum tahu, mungkin bisa diintip sejenak link diatas. Pengalaman itu jelas membekas di hati dan pikiranku, dan aku jadi kapok bangeet! Kapok berkunjung ke klinik estetika manapun, dari 2012 hingga saat ini, 2017. 5 tahun sudah aku tidak pernah mau menerima invitation/treatment apapun yang berkaitan dengan klinik

Tapi, beberapa waktu yang lalu, aku diundang untuk menghadiri acara Beauty(phi)losophy oleh Clariskin. Clariskin ini juga merupakan satu klinik estetika yang notabene baru di Surabaya, dan jujur saja, somehow, I have good feeling about this one – so let’s try it, shall we?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Review: Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity Cleansing Balm

Saturday means... a new blog post is up!
Today I’d like to review another famous Korean skin care product that is meant for sensitive skin: Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity Cleansing Balm!

I used to have the original version and tried it once/twice (read it here) but I didn’t like it because it didn’t cleanse my face properly thus causing me breakouts. It was a defected product so I think it might be the culprit, and perhaps my skin would like the one with less fragrance and simpler, more skin-friendly ingredients. So when I was in Malaysia last month, I bought the Purity version at Sasa there because I’m kinda traumatized with the previous pre-order experience with cleansing balm. This version is meant for sensitive skin, and there’s 3 more other variants that you can choose from Clean It Zero line.

Will the Purity version work well for me? Let’s jump into the review now!

Friday, August 18, 2017

UNIQLO Segera Buka di Surabaya!

Greetings from Tokyo to Surabaya!

Setelah sekian lama menunggu sejak UNIQLO pertama kali masuk ke pasar Indonesia dan membuka gerai pertama mereka di Jakarta pada 2013, kini Uniqlo resmi akan membuka gerai mereka di Surabaya. Mana suaranya, penggemar UNIQLO? 😊

How We Style Bling Ribbon Choker [COLLABORATION]

Thank God It’s Friday – meaning, a new post is up for you. Yay!
As promised in my previous OOTD post, here’s my first fashion styling collaboration with other bloggers in town: Mindy and Redha!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Blooming Bouquet

Hola, Angels!
How’s your Monday going? Is it light blue, bright as the sky or maybe…as dark as the sea? 👀✌

If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram (if not, WHY NOT, follow now @deuxcarls!) perhaps you’ve seen some photos that I post here already. Two weeks ago, I went to La Freya Patisserie in West Surabaya to join Ce Mindy and the other Aphrodites members to have a photo shoot session there.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Beauti(phi)losophy by Clariskin: Secret of the Timeless Beauty!

Hello Girls!

Last Wednesday (26/07), I was invited by Clariskin – through Ce Mindy & Womanblitz – for their Beauti (phi) losophy event at Four Points Sheraton Surabaya. For those who haven’t known about Clariskin yet, it’s one of the newest and on-hype aesthetic beauty clinic in Surabaya. In this event, they were also accompanied by two gorgeous local designers: Nancy Warren and Fonny Tunggal – which had a fashion show for their pret-a-porter and even couture collection!

Friday, July 28, 2017

OOTD: Profesionally White, Red Lips


Another random outfit of the day post from me. Who’s excited? Me!
This look is so simple, but I do think it’s cute and chic enough to be featured in my blog. Lately I’ve been attending events again, back to the real blogger life eh? I totally miss that life, meeting new people, chit-chatting, but one thing for sure that I hate the most from an event is…the dress code rule. Bah.

Especially when the last two events I attended, asked for white dress code. I literally went to Zara FOUR TIMES last week, and carefully browsed every Zara store in Surabaya just to find the perfect white clothes. Not to mention the online stores & thrift ones as well…but I found nothing that suited my liking. White is not my thing, as I naturally gravitate to black stuff whenever browsing in stores. So now you know how much I struggle to find white pieces that I really like. Whites in my closet are mostly basic shirts, slim-fit, super sleek – for work/business presentation purposes.

As you probably notice, my style is rather cute and simple. Picking trendy items like culottes and robes are totally impossible for me. Those are things I honestly think awesome, but I won’t even consider them as a choice for myself. It’s just not me. Then I came to think about wearing one of those sleek white shirts for this event. Why not going all white, looking professional and chic at the same time? After all, I just found a cute pre-loved H&M shorts with nice crochet detail in Carousell. After putting all the items together in my Polyvore app, I was happy with the mood board and went with it. 

Results? Scroll down now!

** don't forget to click on pics for better resolutions + bigger pic! **

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Review: Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream [SPONSORED]

Hello Girls!
Today I’ll be doing this post in Bahasa instead. Yup, selain karena ini adalah produk lokal asli Indonesia, aku juga sudah lama sekali ya nggak tulis blog post pakai Bahasa. Jadi untuk memudahkan pembaca aku yang dari Indonesia untuk terhubung denganku lagi setelah sekian lama 😊

Jadi beberapa bulan lalu, aku sudah mendengar kabar kalau Purbasari Indonesia akan mengeluarkan matte lip cream pertama mereka. Jujur, siapa saja pasti excited karena merek ini terkenal dengan lipstik matte-nya juga, kan? Ketika ada seorang member dari Surabaya Beauty Blogger memasukkan screenshot dari salah satu unggahan Purbasari Indonesia di Instagram-nya kedalam grup, tentu saja aku termasuk salah satu diantara blogger yang langsung meluncur ke TKP dan mendaftar. Semoga bisa kepilih! Finally, I got chosen by their team to be reviewing this product for my readers. Yay!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Massive Malaysia Haul and Birthday Presents!

Hello Angels!

June is my favorite because it’s my birthday month *ahem* also, it always means holiday for students. I was lucky to be able to travel to Malaysia just a few days after my birthday, because it totally sucked to stay in town during long Eid Mubarak Holiday – every store, restaurant, even warung is going to CLOSE for the whole week and my family wouldn’t wanna die of starvation hehe. And why Malaysia? Because even though it’s also a Moslem country like in here, their national public holiday only lasted for two days of Hari Raya only and after that, every business was going to be back normal again. I am now thinking of moving there because IMHO it’s far better than my own country now. Sigh.

That’s only the first reason and not the main one. The ultimate reason of why Malaysia as the destination is because…

From makeup to skincare products, to foods, to clothes… aiya no compare to what’s in Indonesia la. Things are getting more and more expensive here especially those brands in mall – be it fast fashion brands or the designer, higher-end ones. With only $200 per person, my family can eat, sleep, shop, and travel to every place possible nicely for 6 days – including the accommodation and flight fare. Crazy, right! And for me, because it’s my birthday month plus the Eid Mubarak was near (which means A LOT OF DISCOUNTS WILL GOING ON), I justified myself to shop a little more there. Without further ado, here’s my massive haul!

*** Warnings: tons of photos below. ***
*** Disclaimer: I’m not doing this for bragging/showing off purposes, it’s just because I’d love to share what I got and hopefully that will be useful to you if you’re looking for the same thing! ***

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

OOTD: Shirt & Sneakers

It’s my very first post here in 2017! *confetti everywhere*
I hope it’s still okay for me to wish you a happy new year, since it’s still the tenth day of the year LOL! Today I am back with a very quick post: the OOTD for one vulnerable photoshoot. To be honest these pictures were taken back then in…May 2016? But whatever I am posting it now because THEY R SO DAYUM GOOD like seriously. It took too muchhhhhhh effort to be under the sun at 2 PM, when the sun light is raging and it. was. burning. like. hell. to. pose.

Especially the sit-on-the-ground pose. OMG. I think my butt got a little lighter after that.


Anyway, this photoshoot session was for a photography assignment of my bitj Mariske (check her out here) so I was kinda forced to help her by volunteering as the model. TBH the upcoming photoshoot sessions were more fun but this one is my favorite eh – mainly because I was slimmer in these photos. Heh heh heh. I know you can relate, right.

Doing a photoshoot with Maris was always fun UNTIL the moment when she reminded me “not to dress fancily”. Check out how I got her upset here, it was our first photoshoot and she babbled all the time for me being “too fancy”. Bleh. Knowing her personality and stubbornness, I picked a lazier outfit this time. V-line Blouse and Sneakers, the Adidas thing sure made her happy – she’s more into a casual & cool style than I am.

Her concept was for me to look cool, edgy, tumblr-ish and also Awkarin-ish. Don’t judge me, awkarin was hot back then in May 2016. It was before the silly confession video on Youtube too, a good o’ time when she was still looked after a “goal” LOLOLOLOL WHAT AM I DOIN HERE #bodygoal #lifestylegoal #wtfgoal

But truly, after being in this session of photoshoot I truly understand why some people defended her back then. I’m neither a fan nor a hater, but yes I do admit it was hard to pose and take good photos in open or public spaces. Very hard. Her photos are strongly edited – I don’t care, pre-wedding photos got edited a lot too ya know – but it all took a very good effort to pose and looked good in those photos. Good photos don’t rely only on the editing skill of the photographer, most of times it took the model to pose under uncomfortable circumstances/situations too like what I did in this post. So awkarin, here’s a pat on your back. Heh heh.

Black V-Neck Blouse – Portofino Shirt by Express
Denim shorts – N/A
Floral Sneakers – Adidas ZX Flux

I pat myself on the back and said that Adidas might contacted me after this, appreciating my effort for making the Flux looked good in these photos as if this photoshoot was for their advertisement. Still pay from my own wallet until today, btw.

I am not going to be a fashion blogger girls, don’t worry. My fashion taste is naah and well, as you can see, what type of fashionista I am for only stating three pieces of fashion items in my fashion post. And they’re all basic pieces too, plus my pose is bad and I smile in most of the photos above – no edgy/strong expression. Heh heh. Don’t go too hard on me la I’m a marshmallow, soft and fluffy I am.

look at those fluffy cheeks!

That’s all for today’s post! Hope you enjoy the ramblings and the not-so-fashionable fashion post here, hope you have a very good day!