Friday, July 28, 2017

OOTD: Profesionally White, Red Lips


Another random outfit of the day post from me. Who’s excited? Me!
This look is so simple, but I do think it’s cute and chic enough to be featured in my blog. Lately I’ve been attending events again, back to the real blogger life eh? I totally miss that life, meeting new people, chit-chatting, but one thing for sure that I hate the most from an event is…the dress code rule. Bah.

Especially when the last two events I attended, asked for white dress code. I literally went to Zara FOUR TIMES last week, and carefully browsed every Zara store in Surabaya just to find the perfect white clothes. Not to mention the online stores & thrift ones as well…but I found nothing that suited my liking. White is not my thing, as I naturally gravitate to black stuff whenever browsing in stores. So now you know how much I struggle to find white pieces that I really like. Whites in my closet are mostly basic shirts, slim-fit, super sleek – for work/business presentation purposes.

As you probably notice, my style is rather cute and simple. Picking trendy items like culottes and robes are totally impossible for me. Those are things I honestly think awesome, but I won’t even consider them as a choice for myself. It’s just not me. Then I came to think about wearing one of those sleek white shirts for this event. Why not going all white, looking professional and chic at the same time? After all, I just found a cute pre-loved H&M shorts with nice crochet detail in Carousell. After putting all the items together in my Polyvore app, I was happy with the mood board and went with it. 

Results? Scroll down now!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Review: Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream [SPONSORED]

Hello Girls!
Today I’ll be doing this post in Bahasa instead. Yup, selain karena ini adalah produk lokal asli Indonesia, aku juga sudah lama sekali ya nggak tulis blog post pakai Bahasa. Jadi untuk memudahkan pembaca aku yang dari Indonesia untuk terhubung denganku lagi setelah sekian lama 😊

Jadi beberapa bulan lalu, aku sudah mendengar kabar kalau Purbasari Indonesia akan mengeluarkan matte lip cream pertama mereka. Jujur, siapa saja pasti excited karena merek ini terkenal dengan lipstik matte-nya juga, kan? Ketika ada seorang member dari Surabaya Beauty Blogger memasukkan screenshot dari salah satu unggahan Purbasari Indonesia di Instagram-nya kedalam grup, tentu saja aku termasuk salah satu diantara blogger yang langsung meluncur ke TKP dan mendaftar. Semoga bisa kepilih! Finally, I got chosen by their team to be reviewing this product for my readers. Yay!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Massive Malaysia Haul and Birthday Presents!

Hello Angels!

June is my favorite because it’s my birthday month *ahem* also, it always means holiday for students. I was lucky to be able to travel to Malaysia just a few days after my birthday, because it totally sucked to stay in town during long Eid Mubarak Holiday – every store, restaurant, even warung is going to CLOSE for the whole week and my family wouldn’t wanna die of starvation hehe. And why Malaysia? Because even though it’s also a Moslem country like in here, their national public holiday only lasted for two days of Hari Raya only and after that, every business was going to be back normal again. I am now thinking of moving there because IMHO it’s far better than my own country now. Sigh.

That’s only the first reason and not the main one. The ultimate reason of why Malaysia as the destination is because…

From makeup to skincare products, to foods, to clothes… aiya no compare to what’s in Indonesia la. Things are getting more and more expensive here especially those brands in mall – be it fast fashion brands or the designer, higher-end ones. With only $200 per person, my family can eat, sleep, shop, and travel to every place possible nicely for 6 days – including the accommodation and flight fare. Crazy, right! And for me, because it’s my birthday month plus the Eid Mubarak was near (which means A LOT OF DISCOUNTS WILL GOING ON), I justified myself to shop a little more there. Without further ado, here’s my massive haul!

*** Warnings: tons of photos below. ***
*** Disclaimer: I’m not doing this for bragging/showing off purposes, it’s just because I’d love to share what I got and hopefully that will be useful to you if you’re looking for the same thing! ***